What’s Prodigo’s solution?

Prodigo provides an overlay technology for your supply chain practice that seamlessly connects to your existing ERP system data and workflows to provide a modern user experience, real-time transparency along with the operational controls you need to deliver high quality care at a sustainable cost.

Prodigo is currently deployed with the top health systems in the US to deliver improved supply chain results using technology and high-quality data to seamless connect with trading partners and deliver a superior user experience. Achieving these same results is no longer dependent on multi-million dollar IT investments with the big 3 ERP systems. Now, you can achieve the same results from Prodigo’s proven platform leveraging your current ERP platform to achieve superior results, greater transparency and an improved user experience.

Prodigo specializes in a rapid deployment so you achieve a faster path to value. With up to 60% of US hospitals on the path to negative operating margins [reference] it is becoming increasingly more urgent to build a sustainable delivery model in today’s rapidly consolidating healthcare environment without depending on large capital investments. Affecting change in supply chain requires robust procurement tools that put you in control of every purchasing decision while delivering the operational efficiencies you need to achieve your cost savings objectives while also improving your end user satisfaction.

Prodigo delivers the results you need to achieve your goals. Prodigo is a technology partner who understands your challenges; having worked with the best performing organizations to overcome limitations in the ERP systems and solve the complex data problems along with transactional challenges of the healthcare supply chain.