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At Prodigo, we are building Healthcare’s Marketplace leveraging the power of community intelligence to transform healthcare supply chain and reduce the total cost of care.

Prodigo is the only healthcare focused Marketplace and Exchange network that does not tax the vendor to do business with their Provider customers. We believe strongly in helping Suppliers and Providers lower the costs of doing business with one another by making information more accessible and data more accurate. All data is kept private and secure and never shared with other parties.

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“This ease of transition was especially refreshing to our team during the pandemic year of 2020. The Prodigo team has fought through the pandemic and other Houston Methodist internal delays while paying a remarkable attention to detail. I feel that most of our partners either have a really good product or they have really responsive customer service. Prodigo has both!”
Robert Grooms
Director, Supply Chain Management
Houston Methodist
"Prodigo helped our Supply Chain save $3M in annualized hard dollar savings, resulting from a 40% increase in contract compliance and a significant reduction in special requests."
Robert A. DeMichiei
Former Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer
“The people at Prodigo are really knowledgeable about the various and unique challenges of supply chain management in the healthcare sector. They are genuinely interested in addressing those challenges through innovative and collaborative partnership with the clients that they serve.”
Todd Rodeheaver
Head of Group Services and Marketplace
Afaxys Marketplace LLC
“Our Lawson users historically had a difficult time finding the products they needed, which caused a lot of frustration. They were absolutely delighted with Prodigo's Marketplace.”
Dennis Mullins, MBA, CMRP
Senior Vice President Supply Chain
Indiana University Health
“We started out wanting a better requisitioning experience for our staff and now trust that we will arrive at a place that ultimately benefits our patients. The value of this ‘data machine’ and clear potential for clinical improvements is hard to overstate.”
David Peck
VP, Supply Chain
Houston Methodist
"The most important things to us are cost, quality and outcomes. Prodigo supports the achievement of those goals."
Madhusudhan Pillai
Director, Systems and Measurements Supply Chain Services
Temple Health
"Prodigo's technology was built by someone who'd been in my shoes, to address the healthcare supply chain's unique challenges."
Natalie Pita
AVP, Supply Chain
Orlando Health

Save money while making your users happy.

From supply chain and finance to IT and clinical staff, everybody benefits.

Increase operational efficiencies and drive contract compliance

Improve user experience and transparency

Maximize your ERP investments and address critical healthcare gaps

Experience how a total solution connects finance, clinical, IT and supply chain staff

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