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Drive supply chain savings by maximizing your contract compliance, spend leverage, and price incentives - all while improving patient safety.

Bottom line - your supply chain should be driving your financial health.

Less than 60% of supply chain spend is sourced from a valid, non-expired contract; resulting in 12% (or more) savings erosion from over payments and lost price tier optimization opportunities.

70% of nurses spend over 36 minutes per shift on supply chain duties; resulting in less patient-facing time.

As many as 30% of invoices have errors; resulting in nearly 25% of supply chain administrative effort invested in cleansing and correcting prices.

15% of PO lines have a different price paid for the same item; resulting in a 12% average premium.

Use Prodigo to drive compliance and generate savings.

Reduce special requests by more than 50%, and yield nearly 50% reduction in the cost to process PO’s due to increased automation + accuracy

Ensure that over 80% of purchased items come from the supply chain designated contract source, and recover an additional 2% or more in lost rebate dollars

Direct requesters to GPO contracted sources, and drive higher admin fees by more than 25%

Improve price accuracy at the point of requisition and eliminate invoice price exceptions, and generate a 2-3% improvement in supply chain costs

Increase contract utilization by more than 25%, and yield a 40-50% increase in realized contract savings

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ERP Integration

  • Partnering directly with healthcare’s leading ERP systems (as opposed to compete with them) to ensure that your integration is both seamless and pain free, whether your ERP is on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Health system IT resources can be hard to come by for Supply Chain projects. We get it, and we’ve lived it. That’s why we’ve engineered our integration points to be simple. The IT portion of our integrations are normally completed within two to three weeks.

  • Service delivery is no longer contained to acute-care facilities. Prodigo allows you to extend your critical ERP processes and controls to facilities and teams not-typically covered in your ERP scope, such as physician practices, ambulatory care, life flight, senior living, home care and many others.

  • All of our integrations are started and finished with our own dedicated employees. This way we can ensure that your integration is completed with minimal disruption to your operations.

  • Our entire platform is purpose-built for healthcare providers. Using Prodigo, you don’t have to contend with data silos and technology layers cobbled together through acquisition.

  • Prodigo helps you bridge the gap between multiple ERP systems; consolidating the supply chain practice for Providers in acquisition mode.