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By integrating Prodigo with ERP's and other systems, health systems have seen enhancements and efficiencies in their supply chain leading to increased savings!

Experts have identified the problem…

According to a CFO’s View of Procurement study, greater than 60% of identified/negotiated cost savings are never realized over the life of the contract. In addition, a study done with Afaxys, Inc. found that clinical staff spend over 36 minutes per shift on supply chain duties; resulting in less patient-facing time. Health system supply chains have less than 45% of supply chain spend flowing through the Item Master and less than 65% of purchases in healthcare being tied to valid, active contracts, concluded from Prodigo’s Benchmark Study. Studies like this continue to surface as CFO's feel the pressure to become lean and efficient. The financial impact, determined in a 2019 report from Navigant, suggests hospital systems can save $25.6 billion if they improve their supply chain operations and harness their data. Prodigo has proven that clients gain the necessary control and visibility to meet their aggressive savings goals.

Use Prodigo to drive compliance and generate savings.

Less than 65% of supply chain spend is sourced from a valid, non-expired contract; resulting in 12% (or more) savings erosion from over payments and lost price tier optimization opportunities.

70% of nurses spend over 36 minutes per shift on supply chain duties; resulting in less patient-facing time.

As many as 30% of invoices have errors; resulting in nearly 25% of supply chain administrative effort invested in cleansing and correcting prices.

15% of PO lines have a different price paid for the same item; resulting in a 12% average premium.

Reduce special requests by more than 50%

Increase contract utilization by more than 25%

Increase spend transparency to 100%

Increase compliance through 3 lenses: clinical, operational, financial



Supply chain leaks occur in categories of spend that are not under management and/or do not benefit from a standardized procurement process. We understand that compliance requires a balance between maintaining control and managing preferences. See how operationalizing contracts, directing end-users to desired outcome, increasing efficiency, and providing total transparency can benefit your health system today.

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ERP Integration

  • Partnering directly with healthcare’s leading ERP systems (as opposed to compete with them) to ensure that your integration is both seamless and pain free, whether your ERP is on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Health system IT resources can be hard to come by for Supply Chain projects. We get it, and we’ve lived it. That’s why we’ve engineered our integration points to be simple. The IT portion of our integrations are normally completed within two to three weeks.

  • Service delivery is no longer contained to acute-care facilities. Prodigo allows you to extend your critical ERP processes and controls to facilities and teams not-typically covered in your ERP scope, such as physician practices, ambulatory care, life flight, senior living, home care and many others.

  • All of our integrations are started and finished with our own dedicated employees. This way we can ensure that your integration is completed with minimal disruption to your operations.

  • Our entire platform is purpose-built for healthcare providers. Using Prodigo, you don’t have to contend with data silos and technology layers cobbled together through acquisition.

  • Prodigo helps you bridge the gap between multiple ERP systems; consolidating the supply chain practice for Providers in acquisition mode.

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Over 20% of the Nation's 50 largest IDN's

Over 50% of the top 15 U.S. News & World Report hospitals

Over 30% of Gartner's top hospital supply chain departments