Virtual e-commerce

Marketplace is a virtual e-commerce solution that enables maximum, sustained cost savings throughout the healthcare supply chain.

By effectively driving contract utilization at the point-of-requisition, you’re assured that the right items are being purchased from the right vendors at the right price. As a single purchasing gateway for all clinical and non-clinical supplies and services, Marketplace directs users to the preferred sources of supply. This online requisitioning tool provides users with a simple, easy-to-use ordering experience; reducing clinical disruption and the time they spend on administrative tasks. Marketplace features range, but some are key to enabling best business practices.


  • Bill Only Workflow
  • Formulary management
  • Directed Search Logic
  • Enriched item content with images and supporting documents
  • Intuitive e-commerce platform
  • Single connection to over 250 supplier punch-out sites
  • Rich Analytic Dashboards


  • Controlled clinical spend
  • Intuitive user experience, enhancing satisfaction and engagement
  • Clear and concise reporting metrics and KPI’s
  • Simple integrations with ERP with small IT footprint
  • Decreases rogue spend, increasing overall compliance and savings
  • Simple and accurate search capabilities
  • Reduces time clinicians spend finding items and placing orders
  • Increased visibility and standardization

Corporate Address

Prodigo Solutions, Inc.
600 Cranberry Woods Drive, Suite 300
Cranberry Township, PA 16066