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December 20, 2017

Turning the crimson tide of process inefficiency and waste

Publication by Healthcare Purchasing News

Ten years ago this May, a group of 13 pharmaceutical and medical device companies convened a kick-off meeting in Princeton, NJ, that concentrated on a critical but daunting array of goals. They wanted to prevent medical errors, authenticate products, track and trace those products throughout the supply chain and increase total supply chain efficiency.

That “first mover" group effectively laid the foundation and groundwork for the Healthcare User Group under the auspices of GS1 and its set of global standards for products in a variety of industries.

After 40 years of supply data standards opportunities and pep rallies, including 10 years of GS1 efforts, Healthcare Purchasing News sought to poke a stick at the elephant in the room. What will prod the market toward universal adoption and implementation? Is resistance futile? Why? 

Read what Michael DeLuca, EVP of Operations, had to say about transitions in the industry in the Healthcare Purchasing News article.

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