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July 19, 2021

The Prodigo-Workday Partnership: The Value of a Virtual Item Master Continues into the Cloud

In response to the pandemic, the call to reshape and reimagine healthcare supply chain has never been louder. Now more than ever, through transformational service delivery platforms, healthcare systems’ C-suites are looking at supply chain to address multiple competing priorities:

  1. Increasing service levels while containing costs
  2. Building resiliency and adaptability while increasing compliance and control
  3. Focusing on growth while also ensuring sustainability and diversity across their supply chain footprint

All this is against the backdrop of existing pressures on healthcare systems for rapid transformation of care delivery, ongoing regulatory burdens, and continued financial challenges. Across healthcare, supply chain modernization is moving towards more adaptable, nimble, and responsive supply channels that improve customer experience and reduce cost of care. Technology is a key enabler of the advancements needed to connect the ecosystem, promote collaboration, and deliver on emerging supply chain strategies.

How a Prodigo-Workday Partnership Helps Our Customers Achieve Their Goals

The drive to modernize and digitize the supply chain requires the power of a Virtual Item Master, built on a robust Data Enablement platform, to give supply chain control over the item formulary and ensure accurate, complete item and price information is available on demand for each of the thousands of purchasing decisions being made each day. By integrating their platforms and industry expertise, Workday and Prodigo Solutions are helping healthcare providers achieve their supply chain goals while preparing for future disruptions.

Highlights of the partnership include:

  • Prodigo and Workday are aligned on a commitment to customer success with a shared vision for transformation needed to improve performance. Solutions are not “one size fits all,” so adaptability of the platform and data are critical components of success.
  • As native, cloud-based platforms, Prodigo and Workday offer certified integration of technology to deliver a modern requisitioning experience from the Virtual Item Master. By improving data transparency, Prodigo and Workday ensure organizations can accurately inform decision-making.
  • Through customer-focused partnerships, Prodigo and Workday bring industry expertise that helps healthcare customers meet their goals. Changing healthcare outcomes requires innovation and purpose-built technology that aligns operational behavior with your supply chain transformational goals.

“Digital transformation of supply chain looks different based on the operational models adopted by our customers,” said Keith Lohkamp, Sr. Director of Healthcare Industry Strategy at Workday. “However, every approach requires strong tools and processes to manage the data needed to support that transformation; we see this across all our collective deployments with Prodigo.”

“Prodigo’s ability to connect item and price data across the customer’s technology ecosystem gives our customers the ability to rapidly scale their cloud-ERP modernization efforts, resulting in faster time to value from their technology investments,” said Robert Pavlik, EVP of Business Development at Prodigo. “Through our partnership with Workday, we are able to deliver the results our customers expect.”

What Does This Look Like for Our Customers?

With the inherent complexity of ERP migrations and the nuances of data churn in healthcare, a robust data enablement platform is imperative. Prodigo and Workday together provide a modern cloud-based architecture that improves data management, simplifies self-service procurement, and extends ERP supply chain functionality. By automating item master maintenance, data enrichment and price management, supply chain resources are freed up to focus on item/vendor standardization and contract coverage to drive greater contract compliance and savings from the point of demand at the front-end of the procure to pay lifecycle.

How the Virtual Item Master Operationalizes Your Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain, within an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), is complex given the diversity of demand across geography, market, and service mix. This typically results in a very large item formulary with many location-based prices, contract sources, purchase channels, and distribution approaches. Within our collective IDN customer base, the average Virtual Item Master manages over 1.6M SKUs + prices.

As user preference for ecommerce enabled self-service procurement proliferates so does the demand for complete item attributes, images, identifiers, consistent item descriptions, classification, and accurate price data. With Prodigo’s Virtual Item Master and Marketplace feeding consistent, complete and accurate orders to Workday, our customers are realizing higher end user satisfaction with supply chain, increasing Perfect Order rates, boosting preferred supply utilization by reducing off-contract, non-formulary expenditures. Additionally, clinical workstreams benefit from consistent item descriptions and data attributes such as GTINs for easy product identification and improved documentation. Financial systems leverage commodity level UNSPSC for tighter revenue/expense management. And Supply Chain can now depend on a single source of truth for all item and price data to drive improved contract utilization, compliance, and savings realization.

The increased labor productivity, gained from automation of manual item master maintenance and the elimination of invoice match exception reconciliation, as well as the financial efficiencies, accrued from accurate cost capture and revenue reporting, are helping our mutual customers realize the value promise of the modern digital supply chain. The net result is full scale modernization with a faster time to value from your ERP investments.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Supply chain is now a strategic focus in healthcare. In this evolving landscape, there are numerous challenges for supply chain leaders to consider that surpass cost efficiency driven approaches. New and emerging models for supply chain, designed to facilitate growth and protect against risks from future disruptors, require a strong data foundation with tight integration into the ERP system. The modern digital supply chain is data driven and leverages the Virtual Item Master to provide data transparency across a connected ecosystem supporting clinical, operational, and financial domains.

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