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September 28, 2022

Prodigo introduces next generation EDI exchange platform for healthcare

Pittsburgh, PAProdigo Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its next generation EDI platform. Its healthcare clients continue to leverage EDI as a core enabler of their supply chain modernization initiatives, seeking to drive deeper penetration into their vendor communities to automate more transactions. This next generation EDI solution, Xchange, has significantly faster processing times with a smaller memory footprint to support an ever-increasing volume of EDI documents being transmitted between trading partners. 

Prodigo’s Xchange is a full-service, peer-to-peer electronic transaction messaging network designed to help trading partners rapidly exchange electronic transactions at a lower cost per transaction. To increase adoption, Prodigo provides a flexible messaging gateway to enable greater participation in B2B automation initiatives. 

Dermot Pope, Vice President of Technology at Prodigo said, “We are excited to launch this new version of our Xchange. It provides a long runway for growth with our current clients and sets Prodigo up to support the growing demand for EDI integration across our trading partner community.” 

The goals for this modernization initiative were to increase capacity and reliability. In recently completed performance trials, the new Xchange platform reduced transaction processing time by 90% with an overall 40% reduction in resource consumption – all of which translates into improved service levels for Prodigo’s clients. 

“Prodigo has built a high-reliability trading network that lowers EDI costs, increases supplier participation, and provides total transparency and control over EDI initiatives," commented Tim Sutton, Prodigo’s Manager, Client B2B Integration. 

Xchange continues to attract large health systems and has seen a volume increase in onboarding suppliers. 

In the past year, six leading health systems have selected to move to Prodigo’s Xchange network for a variety of reasons – enhanced EDI automation; to grow their EDI footprint with trading partners; to improve vendor adoption of EDI to more quickly automate a greater percentage of supplier EDI transactions; to extend the functionality of Prodigo’s Marketplace procurement platform; to consolidate supply-chain technology on a single platform; to streamline vendor onboarding; and to gain enhanced visibility and tools to maximize efficiency

“With our Xchange, clients can leverage decision support tools to monitor supply chain efficiency, through-put, and vendor adoption and performance,” added Sutton. “The network has become a central building block for many supply chain modernization and transformation strategies.” 

Xchange is one component of Prodigo’s industry leading suite of applications that drive down supply chain costs and reduce the risks from clinical variation. To learn more about Xchange, visit  

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