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January 25, 2017

Making Meaningful Use of Data for Physicians

Publication by Healthcare Purchasing News

Under the healthcare industry reforms of the 21st century-to date (the Bush Administration’s electronic health record policy and the Obama Administration’s access and insurance coverage policy), healthcare organizations have been collecting a lot of one thing that connects both policies to the Clinton Administration’s reform aims before them: Data.

Yet the lingering question that continues to loom large is what to do with all of this data, whether it’s the “right” data or the “wrong” data. After all, the idea of “Big Data” is a lot like a newly mined, rough, uncut and unpolished diamond, essentially a worthless chunk of highly compressed carbon that requires a great deal of effort to unlock its inherent value.

Still, whenever Supply Chain executives, leaders and professionals want to build relationships with doctors and influence their preferences and product choices, they know — because they’ve been told frequently in conferences, trade shows and media outlets — that they have to show physicians the data. Those data elements encompass product consumption and usage patterns, product costs and pricing, and more importantly, clinically relevant patient outcomes linked directly to the products being evaluated.

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