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Why You Need Prodigo to Build a Sustainable Supply Chain

Can ERP Cloud Technology alone solve your problems? With supply chain at the forefront of the news cycle it is the time to revisit how a sustainable supply chain functions.
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10 health systems with strong finances

Here are 10 health systems with strong operational metrics and solid financial positions, according to reports from Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors Service and S&P Global Ratings.
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Next-Gen Healthcare Supply Chain - How COVID-19 and other market forces are reshaping procurement

Amid declining reimbursement and a costly public health crisis, health systems are carefully scrutinizing expenses. As providers’ second-biggest cost after labor, supply chain expenditures are certainly not immune.
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Lean, Mean, Supply Chain Machine… Who knew that a Supply Chain driven strategy was the key to improving hospital outcomes?

The challenge posed to hospitals today is: how can you prioritize patient care, improve patient outcomes while at the same time decrease costs?
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The Lean Supply Chain post-COVID-19 – more compliant, more transparent, and more automated

With the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare costs have skyrocketed in 2020 while at the same time hospitals have experienced a dramatic decline in revenue.
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Solving Government Supply Chain With Lessons Learned From the Commercial Space

G2X Media had the opportunity to connect with Prodigo Solutions to discuss supply chain challenges within Government, synergies and lessons learned from the commercial space.
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Data & Data Quality: Core Elements in the Quest for a Harmonized Supply Chain

Supply chains must ensure they are finding savings by driving end-users to the right item at the correct, contracted price. But, what does the “right” item mean, and why is it so hard to identify?
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3 Components to Managing Big Data

The volume and interpretation of data for a health system to foster change and transform patient care comes with many challenges, like disorganized data, incomplete data, inaccurate data.
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Prodigo Solutions Is Selected for Industry Tech Outlook Best Technology Solution Providers of 2020

Today's challenging Healthcare landscape is forcing Healthcare System Providers to deliver transformational change to their supply chain strategies and operations. Prodigo is a cornerstone technology to assist our customers in achieving their “triple aim” patient care objectives.
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