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Healthcare Supply Chain Resilience: The Right Response to a New Normal

COVID-19 forced all of us to reflect on the special challenges faced by healthcare. As we moved through 2021 and the in-patient pressures on our system began to stabilize, the focus correctly shifted to operational concerns. Specifically, healthcare supply chains and the post-pandemic state of U.S. healthcare supply chain management. Read how resilience is the goal for healthcare supply chain.
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Data Driven: 2021 Notions of a Healthcare Supply Chain Data Expert

Early last year Prodigo asked, “Why is data quality such a challenge in healthcare?” Asking the question is not the hard part; fixing the problem is where we run into challenges. Read about Prodigo's focus on data quality solutions throughout 2021.
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New Year, New Normal, and New Clients – Prodigo’s 2021 Highlights

Unlike last year, 2021 was full of healthcare predictions, promises to strengthen supply chains, and vows to make changes that reshape the future. So how did the healthcare industry do in 2021 following such a testing year?
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Overcoming 2021 Product Disruptions Through Prodigo’s User Group Meeting

At Prodigo’s 2021 User Group Meeting clients shed light on the importance of building responsiveness into their supply chains through improved forecasting, transparency, and vendor risk assessments to mitigate weaknesses in the supply chain that could be exposed in future disruptions. Read this Product Management overview of client feedback.
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Prodigo Solutions, Inc. Completes Workday Certified Integration

Prodigo has achieved Workday Certified Integration status. Read how by integrating their platforms and industry expertise, Workday and Prodigo Solutions are helping healthcare providers achieve their supply chain goals while preparing for future disruptions.
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Acquisition Modernization: Why Operationalizing the Contract Builds and Transforms Healthcare’s Supply Chain

Efforts are being made to modernize the government acquisition process, which will save money and open opportunities to small and disadvantages businesses. But read how the true savings numbers will not be realized if those efforts do not include a way to make the new agreement available to purchasing agents who do the tactical buying for the government.
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Cloud Migration - Part 2: A Firsthand Prodigo Solutions Story

Part 1 of this series focused on providing the necessary tools and research to making the “best fit” decision. Part 2 reviews how Prodigo planned and migrated to the best cloud solution, based off internal needs and customer needs. Read how this process mimics what many health systems must do in order to determine what and how they must migrate while minimizing disruptions to their operations.
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Workday Global CFO Survey: Finance Chiefs Shed Light on Data Gaps and Digital Priorities Post-Pandemic

Workday, Inc. (NASDAQ: WDAY), a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, announced the results of its chief financial officer (CFO) survey exploring the impacts of COVID-19 on the finance function, CFOs’ digital investment plans, and the role of data.
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Supply Chain Efficiency & Modernization Starts with Great User Experience

User experience and the user interface have become a measure of success or failure for many applications used in the government and commercial industries. Read why companies that ignore the user are being setup for failure.
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