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Healthcare’s Digital Transformation –Maximizing Supply Chain Monetization

Much has been written about healthcare’s vaunted digital transformation. But “digital is not a thing,” so what is it?
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Control at the Clinical Point of Service - Healthcare Procurement's Most Essential New Lever

Modern, private marketplaces are serving to bridge operational performance gaps be-tween public and private sector healthcare providers. In procurement, the best systems can now translate and satisfy demand across commodity and sensitive preference categories alike.
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Cincinnati Children's Delivers Requisitioners One-Stop Shopping with Prodigo Solutions

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center went live with Prodigo Solutions in May and desired a solution to consolidate its item master, existing hosted content, separate hosted vendor catalogs and more all into one marketplace.
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Prodigo’s Benchmark Study Identifies Supply Chain Gaps That Impact the Quality of Patient Care

A lot is being said and predicted about the future of the digital supply chain. Where does it all fit with healthcare’s CQO movement? In Prodigo’s benchmark study of over $26B in healthcare supply chain spend we have identified multiple gaps, nuances and risks where supply chain is impacting the cost of care, the quality of care and patient outcomes.
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Prodigo Users Conference Focuses on Driving Digital Transformation in Supply Chain

Prodigo’s Insights 2020 conference was held on October 7-9, 2019 in Indianapolis and was attended by leaders from healthcare systems across the US.
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To Deepen its Supply Chain Technology Base, TriHealth Selects Prodigo Solutions

Prodigo Solutions is pleased to announce that TriHealth, Cincinnati’s leading health system, has selected ProdigoMarketplace, the company’s flagship product.
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Healthcare Purchasing News: Inverting Supply Chain Mindset with future-Ready Thinking

Artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), Blockchain, and so many other buzzwords are heard more and more in healthcare supply chain.
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Prodigo Joins Liberty IT Solutions Team in Support of Veterans Health Administration Supply Chain Master Catalog Task Order

In partnership with Liberty, Prodigo and Atlas Research will coordinate to modernize the VHA’s requisitioning processes to drive contract compliance and accelerate data standards adoption.
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Captis, LLC Partners with Prodigo Solutions Inc. for eProcurement Technology

Prodigo Solutions announces it has entered into a multiyear agreement with Captis® to make their eProcurement technology Solutions Suite available to their network of member hospitals and providers.
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Prodigo Solutions teams up with Amazon Business for eCommerce integration

Prodigo Solutions teamed up with Amazon Business to automate B2B eCommerce transactions with trading partners through EDI and other electronic protocols.
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Oklahoma’s Integris Health “Goes Live” With Prodigo

Prodigo Solutions is pleased to announce INTEGRIS Health, the largest healthcare provider in Oklahoma and a US News & World Report “Top 25” system, has successfully launched ProdigoMarketplace, the company’s flagship product.
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Cincinnati Children's Hospital “Goes Live” With Prodigo

Prodigo, whose supply chain management solutions are used to improve supply chain performance, is pleased to announce that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has “gone live” with ProdigoMarketplace, the company’s flagship product.
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Houston Methodist Joins Prodigo’s Growing Family of Leading Providers

Prodigo, whose solutions improve health care provider supply chain performance, is pleased to announce that after an extensive competitive evaluation, world-renowned Houston Methodist has selected its platform.
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The Christ Hospital Health Network “Goes Live”

The Christ Hospital Health Network (TCH), a long standing beacon of the Cincinnati community, has successfully launched ProdigoMarketplace, the company’s flagship product.
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Why Well-Run Hospitals Need Tailored Technology to Care for Patients, Business

For hospital systems big or small, caring for patients comes first, and to do that, even their administrative departments must focus on patients.
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Prodigo Solutions Reduces Customer Onboarding Time with Expedient's Cloud and Managed Services

Prodigo turned to Expedient to gain the agility it needed, dramatically reducing customer onboarding time from weeks to days, and adding resiliency to its business through the addition of DRaaS capabilities.
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Conquering the Top Supply Chain Cost Drivers

Ask progressive doctors, surgeons and nurses to list their top cost drivers and they’ll likely unspool a litany of clinical, fiscal and operational sins familiar to just about anyone on the clinical and business sides of healthcare.
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Supply chain tip of the week: Direct users to correct formularies

The most effective way to manage purchasing compliance is to ensure requestors see the products supply chain leaders have negotiated the best prices for, according to Michael DeLuca, executive vice president of technology and client services for Cranberry Township, Pa.-based Prodigo Solutions.
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Closing the Contract Compliance Gap

As hospitals work to do more with less, the investment in resources to help manage all aspects of the supply chain - from sourcing goods and services to managing contracts - is important.
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Back office relief: Automating the arcane world of device warranties

The constant, complicated stream of administrative documents flooding hospital back offices involved in tracking warranty credits, fulfilling purchase orders and replacing equipment can pose significant financial risks, but new software aims to streamline traditionally outdated processes.
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Hospitals don't save much on supply chain after they're acquired

Acquired hospitals only save about 1.5 percent annually on common expenses in the healthcare supply chain after a deal — significantly less than hospitals estimate when defending their potential merger, according to a new report by the National Bureau of Economic Research.
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Introducing Prodigo's New Webinar Series!

We're excited to introduce the new Prodigo Webinar Series! This series of webinars will cover a variety of Supply Chain alignment best practice topics. We'd like to invite you to attend!
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Prodigo Raises $3.5M, Expands Operations

Prodigo has raised $3.5 million and expects to be at 74 employees by year-end, taking on more space to accommodate the growth. Note: subscriber-only content
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Actualizing Savings After an M&A Transaction

Some health systems don’t realize savings for two years after an M&A,but health systems that put dedicated teams in place can make the integration happen more quickly and begin realizing savings within six months.
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CFO Insight Series: Don't Be Fooled - Compliance Drives Standards

Do you standardize on products and services, rationalize sources of supply and then install systems to drive compliance? Or is it the other way around? Believe it or not, the correct sequence continues to be debated.
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From Watch to Know in 2018: How Prodigo Solutions Keeps Pace With the Rapidly Changing Healthcare Sector

Prodigo pushes themselves beyond simply a standout performance. They earn the recognition that they are not only bringing innovation into procurement organizations but also leading the charge to change the way we do business for the better.
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Prodigo selected as a top '50 To Know' award winner in 2018

Spend Matters released the 5th annual '50 Providers To Know and Watch' lists today in conjunction with the annual ISM conference.
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Prodigo addressing complex needs of the Top US Healthcare Supply Chain

Prodigo Solutions, Inc., a leading technology provider enabling Healthcare Supply Chain transformation, directs buyers to the right item, from the right vendor at the right price.
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When Seeking Top Tech Candidates, Look For These Eight Aspects

Companies are expected to increase IT hiring in 2018, which is excellent news for your tech team. Finding the right candidates to fill the open positions you have can prove challenging, however.
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ASC Supply Chain Tip of the Day: Strike a Balance with Technology Integrations

Non-acute care settings are not a supply chain mystery. They are a smaller version of acute care setting that in aggregate make a similar impact.
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