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When Seeking Top Tech Candidates, Look For These Eight Aspects

To help you find the right candidate, eight members of Forbes Technology Council share some of the key characteristics that tech executives should look for when scaling their team.

What’s working and not working in supply chain technology today [Podcast]

We're excited to share this insightful podcast from The Journal of Healthcare Contracting’s Supply Chain Radio contemplating what's working and not working in supply chain tech today.

Tips, tools for managing ambulatory / outpatient facility supply chain

Ways to overtly and covertly help an ASC or outpatient facility/department improve its supply chain operations.

Keep supply lines fluid

ASCs, outpatient facilities shouldn’t have to fish for hospital contracts.

Tech Tribune 2018 10 Best Tech Startups in Pittsburgh

Prodigo Solutions, Inc. was named one of the ten best tech startups in Pittsburgh

Healthcare Consumerism: Taming The Hungry Tapeworm

On the heels of an announcement this morning that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan are partnering to cut health costs, Warren Buffett made a statement that has already gone viral

Big wins from small devices

Supply chain pros highlight success stories from mobile device use — even linked to the cloud. See what our own Michael DeLuca has to share.

Overcome any pains in the apps

What to look for when developing, evaluating apps for your supply chain. Read our own Michael DeLuca's perspectives.