driving compliance and savings through a consumer shopping experience

ProdigoMarketplace simplifies the requisitioning process; give your supply chain practice greater control to direct spend to the preferred source at the best price. ProdigoMarketplace helps you influence each of the thousands of purchasing decisions being made every day across your organization resulting in an overall cost reduction for supplies, purchased services, IT and capital purchases. By effectively driving contract utilization at the point-of-requisition, health systems are assured that the right items are being purchased from the right vendors at the right price. Plus, Marketplace makes it easier for your Requesters to process their requests, so they can quickly return to their primary caregiving responsibilities.

You work hard to negotiate the best savings.  The ProdigoMarketplace maximizes the amount you achieve in savings by driving users to the right product, at the right price; giving contract transparency at the point of requisition.


  • Control - Control price and content changes and direct users to contracted, inventoried, and preferred items
  • Savings - Reduce your item master maintenance, special requests, order processing time, and returns
  • Efficient - Dramatically increase order efficiency by ensuring accurate, real-time pricing, and clean, robust data
  • Easy to Use - Users have one simplified search across all approved content, including punchouts, with product images and enhanced item attributes
  • Simple IT Integration - Proven connectivity with all major healthcare ERP systems
  • Mobility - Accessible through any web browser or smart phone


  1. Single search utility provides lightning-quick results of pre-filtered, approved content
  2. Simple, intuitive tools to get users in-and-out quickly - checkout in as few as three clicks
  3. Customizable, searchable tags for grouping and prioritizing items in search results (stock, preferred, green, minority-owned, etc.)
  4. Provide backorder, recall, substitution and other custom notices within the search results
  5. User-specific formulary (templates), favorite lists, and order history
  6. Dynamic special request tool searches the Marketplace for a possible catalog match
  7. Item master data can be updated multiple times per day
  8. Robust reporting provides projected impact of price and content changes
  9. Improved collaboration and feedback through user item ratings
  10. Prodigo-supported supplier punch-out sites - no IT support required