the central hub for storing and managing all local and gpo contract documents, terms and pricing

Eliminate discrepancies between contracts, purchase orders, invoices and rebates by letting ProdigoContracts manage the details for you. ProdigoContracts allows you to maximize negotiated savings opportunities by ensuring the compliance of each purchase transaction against specific contract terms and thresholds.

You work hard to negotiate the best prices.  ProdigoContracts drives the right price to the front end of the P2P workflow; increasing price accuracy across the supply chain.


  • Synchronized - Contract details feed the ProdigoMarketplace to ensure the items purchased are fully compliant and support rebate incentive opportunities
  • Integrated - Provides secure integration of data from various sources to ensure visibility of contract terms, accessibility to contract prices, and enforcement of contract commitments
  • Low Maintenance - Reduce item master maintenance through automated synchronization of contract prices between the ERP Item Master and ProdigoMarketplace
  • Fee Tracking - Increase contract utilization and recover additional Admin Fees with Prodigo's GPO Admin Fee tracking
  • Rebate Management - Capture more rebate dollars with multi-level rebate tracking
  • Full Visibility - Robust admin module with decision support dashboards, scorecards, and reports


  1. Automated notifications of important contract event milestones
  2. Contract purchase price enforcement engine at point-of-requisition
  3. Contract commitment monitoring, amendment storage with versioning and flexible import capabilities
  4. Exception management solutions for complicated contracts
  5. Scenario-based impact reporting for evaluating contract effectiveness
  6. Contract-based spend tracking across businesses and locations
  7. Configurable contract approval workflow with alerts and escalations