a fully-featured requisition and approval workflow management system

ProdigoBuyer gives users the confidence that each requisition line conforms to the purchasing policies of the organization. With its flexible approval workflow engine, ProdigoBuyer can be configured to follow ideal requisition paths for broad visibility and maximized savings realization.

You work hard to run an efficient supply chain.  ProdigoBuyer delivers procurement controls and configurable approval workflows; enforcing your procurement policies and business rules on all purchase activity.


  • Capability - Allows healthcare providers without an ERP-enabled purchasing system to leverage the benefits of the ProdigoMarketplace
  • Savings - Workflow and policy enforcement ensures your supply chain maximizes negotiated cost savings
  • Visibility - Complete visibility along with an audit trail throughout the lifecycle of the request
  • Simple Integration - Robust integration framework that connects disparate supply chain and financial systems - keep your source of truth where you want it
  • Reduce Time and Expense - Automated real-time requisition and approval workflow processes
  • Keep Track - Centralized repository for purchasing history, documentation, and support of regulatory audit compliance reviews


  1. Provides configurable workflow for requisition approval based on your procurement polices and business rules
  2. Customized approval hierarchies to meet the individual needs of your health system
  3. Automated, real-time email notifications across the approval workflow
  4. Non-compliant activity and special request items are visually identified so that approvers can eliminate rogue purchases
  5. Line by line or total order approval/rejection capability
  6. Collects order details, accounting control data, user comments, and documentation
  7. Securely integrates with existing financial system(s)