What’s the impact on my organization?

Transparency. It’s a common adage, if you can’t measure it how can you manage it? 87% of executives do not believe that they have access to accurate and complete transparency into their organization’s operating performance. This is having a negative impact on operating margins.

Prodigo brings real-time visibility into your supply chain activity – the second largest expense of the organization – to help you monitor your performance, improve decision making and to help you optimize your supply chain through seamless access to predictive and prescriptive intelligence that lead to corrective actions based on best practices learnings of high performing healthcare supply chains. No longer do you need to wait on IT to run a custom query to see the data or engage an outside business partner to perform offline analytics to understand where non-compliant activity is hurting performance leading to increased operational cost. Now through ProdigoAnalytics you can see what is happening as it happens, you can drill down into the details so that you can take the appropriate corrective actions and you can monitor performance without waiting days, weeks or months to find the answer. It’s self serve; and, it’s a powerful tool to improve performance across the supply chain.

Control. How can you influence the thousands of purchasing decisions being made every day in your organization? How can you ensure that each purchasing decision complies with the procurement policies of the organization? As hospital systems grow and consolidate across the healthcare value chain the supply chain now extends beyond the acute care facility into ambulatory care and non-acute clinics and physician offices. Not only does this add complexity to enforcing preferred sources of supply it also increases both the clinical and financial risk of non-compliant activity having a negative impact on patient outcomes and profitability.

Prodigo delivers embedded rules to enforce adequate approval and audit workflows to ensure each transaction complies with procurement policy and supply chain preferred options. By eliminating rogue purchasing from your supply chain you can remove up to 12% [reference] of the acquisition cost of supplies and purchased services. Additionally, you can ensure that the risk of clinical variation is reduced by ensuring all supplies and services are approved for use prior to the patient care episode. Supply chain plays a strategic role in protecting the organization from escalating costs while also protecting the patient from any risks associated with counterfeit supplies entering the supply chain or use of items that have not be adequately vetted through the approved value analysis process.

User experience. Why do we have to tolerate antiquated and confusing work processes in the healthcare workplace when we all have experienced the simplicity and efficiency of ordering stuff on line? It is no longer acceptable for users to spend time finding the right source, the right item, the right price so they can order the supplies they need to perform their jobs. Studies have concluded that up to 24% of caregivers time is spent on performing supply chain functions [reference]. This takes them away from the important work of ensuring the best care is received for each of their patients.

Prodigo delivers a modern ecommerce user experience that is consistent with the top B2C platforms users have come to expect. Requesters are now directed to the preferred source of supply, they have work efficiency tools to help them simplify the replenishment of goods and they can do it all from their mobile device or their desktop computer. In 3 simple steps: search, add to cart and checkout…it’s that easy. All this is delivered through a Prodigo hosted solution requiring minimal IT involvement that is connected to the common ERP and financial systems in use across healthcare.