The Role of Sourcing Within Healthcare Systems is Enormously Challenging

A litany of sourcing tools and technologies are available everywhere you look to help negotiate the best contracts.  But what happens after you’ve signed the deal and booked the savings?

Achieving those negotiated savings across the health system can prove daunting, and are largely out of your control. You may have multiple facilities, hundreds or thousands of requestors, product changeovers, distributors, inventory locations, out-of-date item master(s), and purchasing systems that don’t always do what you’d like them to.

This is Where Prodigo Will Help

We’ve come from healthcare supply chain ourselves, and our solutions are designed to leverage your signed contracts, whether they be negotiated directly or from your GPO. We will help you to realize the benefits of your work, including: 

  • Rebate and shareback tracking
  • Multi-source vendor preference weighting
  • Volume-based discount pricing accommodation
  • Detailed formulary management
  • Dynamic product changeover communications at point-of-requisition
  • Contract-compliant pricing
  • Drastically reduced match exception rates
  • Fewer special requests
  • Actionable analytics
And these are just a few...

Give Us a Look, and We Think You'll Agree

Our solutions were designed with healthcare sourcing professionals looking for more effective ways to leverage their hard work across complex acute and non-acute care settings.