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Enhanced Transaction

Xchange is a full-service, peer-to-peer electronic transaction messaging network designed to help trading partners rapidly exchange electronic transactions at a lower cost per transaction.

Xchange automates supply chain transactions [850 PO, 855 Acknowledgement, 856 ASN, 810 Invoice, 867 Sales Reports] between trading partners of varying technical capabilities; thereby, eliminating the need for paper documents and associated manual processing.

Prodigo provides a single connection gateway for the health system to connect to all suppliers in order to lower transaction costs and IT operation overhead by supporting flexible transmission options [FTP, SFTP, VAN, AS2] and industry standard e-commerce protocols [EDI, XML, flat file, manual Supplier Portal PO turnaround to POA + Invoice]. Through Xchange, trading partners have enhanced visibility and decision support tools to improve supply chain performance.

Transaction Control

Enable trading partners to rapidly exchange electronic transactions

Supplier Connectivity

Automate supply chain transactions between trading partners of varying technical capabilities


Leverage decision support tools to maximize supply chain efficiency, through-put and performance


  • Real time purchase order transmission and notification
  • Clear and concise reporting and monitoring dashboards
  • Enhanced supplier notification and escalation
  • Robust exception handling and reprocessing with delayed transaction alerts
  • Clear transaction processing audit trail
  • Vendor scorecards and performance monitoring


  • No cost to the supplier to transact with the health system
  • Interconnect agreements with all major EDI VAN network providers
  • Single point of contact for all issues and supplier onboarding
  • Dedicated Prodigo EDI contact to ensure timely response and staff training
  • 24/7 on-call responses
  • Connected and integrated with over 550 suppliers live with Prodigo
  • Learn more about the insights you gain from Xchange

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