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Data Insights is a diagnostic engine with data visualizations embedded in the Prodigo Application platform that enables corrective action supporting our customers’ supply chain goals [savings, operational performance improvement, compliance, vendor performance].

The Business Intelligence [BI] platform turns your data into actionable insights; enabling stronger control and in-depth monitoring to improve operational decision making.

Part of the reason why healthcare is so challenging is the amount of data and maintenance that is required to gain transparency across the supply chain. Providing visibility into all supply chain health system spend gives decision makers a proactive approach to managing costs and operational efficiency. Proper data access and analysis is imperative in today’s competitive health industry.

Leaders need accurate information and tools that provide maximum visibility into what is happening and where operational compliance is eroding cost containment objectives. Prodigo’s Data Hub platform provides the whole picture into activity across all supply channels to give decision makers confidence that performance objectives are being met and ensure they have the decision support tools to direct appropriate corrective action.

Data Warehouse

Data connectors for integrating AP transaction data, P-card and 3rd party [distributor, pharmacy, supplies] spend files into a central view.

Price Benchmarking

Identifies contract savings opportunities based on market pricing competitiveness across spend categories and vendors. Provides item level detail on where price improvement will lead to additional savings being realized.

Spend Analytics

Purpose built dashboards for sourcing, finance and supply chain operations to monitor performance and track contract savings impact.

Price Parity Analysis

Assessment of savings opportunities using “best” price analysis to standardize product costs across the health systems purchases. Gives visibility into the impact of price variances on total acquisition costs with detail on where improvements could be made.

Drive Compliance

Empower decisions that support operational performance objectives

Smarter Sourcing

Identify and direct more spend to preferred contract sources

Data Driven Decisions

Inform, track and correct to generate more savings


  • Visibility. Provides a consolidated view of supply chain activity from requisition to payment
  • Monitors performance. Provides insight into organizational activity to ensure behavior is supporting operational objectives
  • Drives improvement. Provides real-time analysis of operational activity that is impacting supply chain outcomes


  • Integrates decision support into operational workflows so users can act within one solution
  • Validates that supply chain savings initiatives are being realized
  • Ensures corrective actions support operational objectives

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