Data Foundation for the
Digital Supply Chain

Data Hub ensures the quality, accuracy and interoperability of data between downstream clinical systems, the ERP and the procurement workflow between trading partners. 

By improving data quality and creating standards, health systems improve patient care, reduce supply chain costs and transform supply chain protocols all to create an efficient and automated system. Prodigo’s Data Hub is the center of these enhancements and standards and is an integral component of master data management and data quality initiatives; providing a modern cloud-infrastructure purpose-built to overcome healthcare’s data conundrum.

As a data platform that includes integration and transformation, Data Hub us the engine that includes several components including some Data Services products [item enrichment and item standardization], as well as price management [Contract Navigator] and the Virtual Item Master [master data management].

Data Governance

Integrate multiple data streams into a single source of truth connected to finance, supply chain and clinical workstreams

Data Management

Cleanse, enrich and standardize your master data for both transactional and clinical compliance

Data Integration

Gateway to orchestrate data flow from upstream data sources to downstream operational, clinical and analytics workflows


  • Global Catalog - Manufacturer managed repository of 7M+ items available for purchase in healthcare
  • Item Enrichment + Cleansing - Prodigo provides data enrichment and cleansing workflow
  • Price Management - Prodigo integrates 42M+ SKU prices connected to the contracted source of truth
  • Virtual Item Master - Master Data Management [MDM] platform for customer specific item + price formularies
  • Data Gateway - Managed file transfer and web service API’s enable syndication of item + price data with Marketplace, mobile applications, B2B Commerce Exchange and the ERP Item Master


  • Central Data Repository with web enabled access to data
  • Integrated into the Requisition workflow through the Marketplace
  • Enforces contract price terms throughout the Contract Lifecycle
  • Maintains Contract Prices in the Item Master on each approved price change event
  • Delivers Perfect Orders to your trading partner
  • Rich content experience with item images and complete item attributes
  • All data is kept private and secure and never shared with other parties
  • Learn more more about the insights you gain from Data Hub

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