Maximize negotiated

Contract Navigator is your central hub for storing and managing all Local and GPO contract versions, documents, terms and price information.

The tool allows you to maximize negotiated savings opportunities by ensuring the compliance of each purchase transaction against specific contract prices, terms and commitment thresholds. As well, Contract Navigator is a price management engine that ensures prices are accurate in the ERP item master and the requisitioning workflow. The contract repository provides sourcing teams with visibility into spend on the contract; as well as, notification of key dates and price escalation across the term of the contract. In addition, the repository provides a single source of truth for savings initiatives that are negotiated into the contract.


Ensure compliance of each purchase transaction against specific contract prices, terms and commitment thresholds


Ensure accurate prices in the ERP item master and the requisitioning workflow


Ensure notification of key dates and price escalation, along with spend visibility


Contract lifecycle date tracking and notifications

Managed contract approval process and workflow

Savings documentation and tracking

Contract request functionality

Price syndication to Xchange and Marketplace

Embedded contract stakeholder communication and reminders


Improve contract compliance to terms, commitments and price incentive targets

Enforce contract pricing across the procurement workflow

Improve price maintenance and control

Manage performance on saving initiatives

Increase visibility into spend on contract

Integrates both GPO and Local contract workstreams

Enhanced communication features allowing internal and external dialogue

ERP Integration

  • Partnering directly with healthcare’s leading ERP systems (as opposed to compete with them) to ensure that your integration is both seamless and pain free, whether your ERP is on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Health system IT resources can be hard to come by for Supply Chain projects. We get it, and we’ve lived it. That’s why we’ve engineered our integration points to be simple. The IT portion of our integrations are normally completed within two to three weeks.

  • Service delivery is no longer contained to acute-care facilities. Prodigo allows you to extend your critical ERP processes and controls to facilities and teams not-typically covered in your ERP scope, such as physician practices, ambulatory care, life flight, senior living, home care and many others.

  • All of our integrations are started and finished with our own dedicated employees. This way we can ensure that your integration is completed with minimal disruption to your operations.

  • Our entire platform is purpose-built for healthcare providers. Using Prodigo, you don’t have to contend with data silos and technology layers cobbled together through acquisition.

  • Prodigo helps you bridge the gap between multiple ERP systems; consolidating the supply chain practice for Providers in acquisition mode.

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Over 20% of the Nation's 50 largest IDN's

Over 50% of the top 15 U.S. News & World Report hospitals

Over 30% of Gartner's top hospital supply chain departments