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Providing Total Transparency and Control

Prodigo Solutions provides total transparency and the control that health systems need. Each solution and service enhances operational performance in multiple ways. See how a health system’s supply chain will benefit from an integrated platform that delivers a single source of truth across the entire supply chain ecosystem.


A contract repository and price management tool that integrates inbound contract data feeds from GPOs and suppliers into Prodigo’s Virtual Item Master. ProdigoNavigator helps operationalize contracts so health systems can direct purchasing activity to the preferred, contracted source and enforce price accuracy to improve supply chain compliance. 

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A platform that provides users with a seamless, easy to use ordering platform that directs search and purchasing activity to the preferred sources at the right price. ProdigoMarketplace controls the entire health system spend, increases saving, and so much more.

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An extensive, private B2B commerce exchange for automating EDI and other electronic transactions. With ProdigoXchange, health systems can ensure the lowest cost per transaction, full security of data, and greater visibility into supply chain performance.

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Data HUB

A robust data enablement platform that captures, manages, and shares data by connecting the client’s items, attributes, and metadata with the right price to create a single source of truth for the client’s supply chain. Data Hub delivers accurate master data to fulfill the requirements of a modern digital supply chain. 

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Prodigo’s solutions and services provide health system leaders with the tools and transparency needed to control supply chain spend. By seamlessly integrating with health systems’ current procurement systems, Prodigo’s suite of solutions fill the gaps to enhance both traditional ERPs and Cloud-based solutions. Prodigo provides the control and transparency necessary to improve financial accountability and drive performance improvements in the clinically integrated supply chain.

Directed Buying

  • Directs users to purchase the right item from the right source at the right price
  • Provides a single search utility, enabling lightning-quick results of pre-filtered, approved content
  • Increases catalog matches through dynamic special request tools that search for items in an enhanced formulary
  • Provides backorder, recall, substitution and other custom notices within the search results

Content Management

  • Integrates item content as the source of truth [Manufacturers, Distributors, FDA, GDSN and other 3rd party content sources] to create a Master Data Management platform
  • Provides backorder, recall, item substitution and other custom notices to help requesters make informed decisions and reduce follow-up calls
  • Syndicates content between Prodigo’s Global Catalog and the Virtual Item Master; as well as, downstream clinical processes or systems
  • Manages data connections to over 900 healthcare manufacturers through automated, direct feeds and the GDSN

Virtual Item Master

  • Creates a single source of truth for item master data and approved pricing; including 30 base item attributes and over 35 custom data fields, location-based pricing, product substitution and spend classification
  • Integrates supplier-maintained catalog content to create an adaptable, real-time data maintenance workflow
  • Integrates contract pricing into item formularies
  • Automates price maintenance while giving content administrators approval control over price changes and visibility into the financial and operational impact of price and item changes

Formulary Management

  • Provides configured data to control what information is available to requestors, ensuring more accurate and desired purchases are made
  • Creates a directed buying journey for purchasers, determined by their business unit, that drives behaviors towards cost savings objectives
  • Enables the flexibility to provide customizations, and ensures preferred ordering conditions like minimum or multiple order quantities and threshold requirements are met
  • Enhances search algorithms to improve user search accuracy and user experience

Performance Monitoring

  • Tracks and provides transparency into overall spend, performance indicators and corrective actions
  • Consolidates all spend channels [P-card, Pharma, Distributor, ERP PO/payment data] into a single reporting data warehouse
  • Helps identify and track Special Requests [ad hoc or non-catalog]
  • Identifies non-compliant activity and off-contract spend by item and requesting location
  • Documents savings initiatives for greater visibility into savings targets across a health system's entire contract portfolio


  • Simple, intuitive tools to get users in-and-out quickly - checkout in just a few clicks
  • User-specific formulary [templates], favorite lists, and order history
  • Prodigo is connected to over 250 supplier punchout sites to simplify on-boarding - no IT support required

Product Suite Benefits

Gain Control

Control prices and item changes; directing users to the right item, from the right source, at the right price by driving search results to the contracted preferred items.

Simplify IT

Integration Connect existing ERP system; Prodigo fills in the gaps for ERP systems; ensuring interoperability of all supply chain process from beginning to end.

Streamline Usage

Increase standardization across health system enterprises; offering every location and every user one simplified search across all approved item formularies showing product images and enhanced item attributes.

Increase Efficiency

Increase order precision and efficiency with enriched content from Prodigo’s Global Catalog and accurate prices; allowing users to quickly find preferred items and prioritize focus to patient care.

Maximize Savings

Operationalize contracts and safeguard savings; driving compliance to the front end of the procure to pay cycle at the point of requisition so health systems can translate negotiated savings into realized savings.

Increase Mobility

Increase online scale; providing access to ProdigoMarketplace through any device for item search and order generation - great for users on the go.

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