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A variety of sourcing tools and technologies are available to help negotiate the best contracts. But what happens after sourcing has executed the contract and counted the savings? The largest barrier to achieving those savings is driving compliance to the commitments made in the contract negotiation by controlling the point of service to direct purchasing activity to the preferred source. Driving compliance can be more challenging than it seems due to supply chain’s inability to shape requester behavior by controlling the item formulary.

Prodigo provides actionable analytics that give decision makers visibility into supply chain spending. Volume-based discount pricing accommodations and multi-source vendor preference weighting all contribute to achieving the ‘best’ price on each purchase.

Supply chain controls the item formulary; directing requesters to the right item from the right source at the right price. This includes ensuring prices are kept current with the contract and compliance is pushed to the front-end of the procurement lifecycle at the point-of-requisition. Drastically reduced match exception rates and fewer special requests are a result of increased access to the contract portfolio and greater transparency to shape decisions at the point of requisition.


Procurement sources advantageous contracts with manufacturers through local agreements and GPO contracts. Driving contract compliance across hundreds or thousands of requestors and multiple requesting locations can present a challenge. Communication of preferred items and sources to requestors can be difficult, resulting in a high number of special requests and additional manual effort in the procure to pay lifecycle.

Requestor satisfaction and feedback is drastically improved and special request volume is reduced through Prodigo’s Marketplace with dynamic search which filters content based on the user profile.  It prioritizes search results directing users to the preferred item for their requesting location. Supply chain controls the search result, so requestors don’t have to figure out the right item choice.

In addition, procurement can share relevant messages and resources with requestors at the item level as they search. Product recall and voluntary alert data, instructions for use [IFUs], MSDS; as well as, substitute item or backorder information make it easy for requestors to find the items they need to purchase while also reducing phone calls verifying order status. The entire requisition workflow is integrated with the ERP system so that order approval and PO processing are audited and automated. All of this enables the procurement process to be more efficient and enforces compliance on all transactions so that savings goals are achieved.


The second largest health system expense, the procurement of goods and services has become a strategic priority for most health system CFOs. Minimizing spend leakage and controlling spend are often being viewed as easier to attain than increasing the same amount of patient revenue. Consequently, the demand for efficiency from transaction accuracy and automation as well as greater enforcement of contract terms are the strategic levers to improved operational performance.

Seamless connectivity with trading partners is a part of the Prodigo remedy. Removing friction and improving transparency in the supply chain delivers the savings negotiated into your contracts. Prodigo confirms that the preferred items are being ordered from the correct source that the correct price is being paid; all of which minimize purchase order and invoice processing costs and errors. Price compliance at the front-end of the procurement lifecycle eliminates the need for manual match exception reconciliations; resulting in more efficient AP operations, improved user satisfaction and reduced patient risk.


When it comes to supply chain projects, they often take a backseat to clinical projects. Supply chain technology providers frequently offer solutions that force replacement of ERP/MMIS modules, and thus are complicated to integrate; making it more difficult to upgrade. IT professionals are left with a mix of scarce resources and increased risk that is untenable.

With Prodigo’s cloud-based technology platform, there is no need to buy extra hardware or software. Projects are managed by our own staff to ensure success so beyond functional testing; project implementations have minimal investment required on your IT resources. Our integration methodologies leverage native ERP web messaging and secure file transfer protocols.

Finally, Prodigo manages all external data integration with your trading partners; limiting your IT investment to a single connection gateway to Prodigo. It’s simple and we’ve integrated with each of the leading ERP platforms in healthcare.


Burnout among clinicians is an increasing concern for healthcare organizations across the country. Growing evidence shows that a burned-out workforce decreases efficiency and work performance, which leads to higher turnover. On top of daily stressors, clinicians endure purchasing tasks that are inefficient, unorganized and often missing/inaccurate item information that is important for fulfilling orders.

Prodigo offers a superior user experience. With industry-leading search algorithms that provide robust item descriptions, full product numbers and item attribute enrichment – such as the addition of item image(s) – product selection is quick and easy. Prodigo’s detailed formulary management capabilities and ability to scan barcodes from a mobile interface further ensures that the right item is being purchased.

Clinicians can view notifications for item recalls and backorders and are redirected to approved alternatives for any replaced items. Additionally, users can mark favorite item(s) and share carts with peers; making the entire ordering process straightforward and painless.

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