Drive supply chain savings by maximizing your contract compliance, spend leverage, and price incentives – all while improving patient safety.


Did you know the average contract utilization for healthcare providers is under 57%1? This means that less than 40% of negotiated contract savings are being realized across the term of the contract2.

At Prodigo Solutions, the equation is simple:

Contract Utilization leads to Contract Compliance which leads to Millions in hard-dollar savings!

Learn how Prodigo is used by more than half of the nation’s Top US News and World Report Honor Roll Hospitals to increase net operating income by improving contract utilization, increasing on-contract spend, and ensuring contract price accuracy.

Bottom line – your supply chain should be driving your financial health.

• Less than 60% of supply chain spend is sourced from a valid, non-expired contract 3; resulting in 12% (or more) savings erosion from overpayments4 and lost price tier optimization opportunities

• As much as 30-50% of spend is off contract5; resulting in less than 25% of contracted savings initiatives being realized6

• 70% of nurses spend over 36 minutes per shift7 on supply chain duties; resulting in less patient-facing time

• As many as 30% of invoices have errors8; resulting in nearly 25% of supply chain administrative effort invested in cleansing and correcting prices9

• 15% of PO lines have a different price10 paid for the same item; resulting in a 12% average premium11

Use Prodigo to drive compliance and generate savings.

• Reduce special requests by more than 50%12, and yield nearly 50% reduction in the cost to process PO’s13 due to increased automation + accuracy

• Ensure that over 80% of purchased items come from the supply chain designated contract source14, and recover an additional 2% or more in lost rebate dollars15

• Spend 30% less time creating a requisition16, and create more patient-facing time for caregivers; and more opportunity for successful purchasing decisions by requesters

• Direct requesters to GPO contracted sources, and drive higher admin fees by more than 25%17

• Improve price accuracy at the point of requisition and eliminate invoice price exceptions, and generate a 2-3% improvement in supply chain costs18

Increase contract utilization by more than 25%, and yield a 40-50% increase in realized contract savings19


It’s simple. We deliver.

75% Item Standardization

  • Ensure the RIGHT ITEM is purchased from a valid, non-expired contract

85% Contract Utilization

  • Ensure items are sourced from the RIGHT VENDOR

95% Contract Compliance

  • Ensure every purchase has the RIGHT PRICE and terms based on the contract