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Focus on Contract Compliance

Supply chain is the second largest spend for health systems and growing. To contain rising costs, most integrated delivery networks (IDNs) are implementing cost containment strategies

How to Avoid Costly Supply Contract Noncompliance

At nearly every health system across the country, sourcing departments set annual supply chain savings goals to measure performance, and many of them reach their targets every year. But

Garbage in, Garbage out:

For healthcare to successfully complete its move from fee-for-service to a system that rewards quality, a new, enriched data standard is required and the industry knows it. In fact, the

Supply Discounts Mean Nothing - Without Contract Compliance

It's a well-known fact that supplies are the second largest expense in a health system's budget after labor. In an effort to curb those costs amid declining reimbursements, health

Prodigo Solutions, Inc. Receives 2015 Best of Cranberry Township Award

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP April 2, 2015 -- Prodigo Solutions, Inc. has been selected for the 2015 Best of Cranberry Township Award in the Software Company category by the Cranberry Township

Brains over brawn is the key to reducing supply costs

With reimbursements falling and expenses growing, hospitals and health systems are feeling the squeeze, and cutting supply chain costs is one of the first things systems are doing to

Great expectations dim enlightenment

When it comes to changing behaviors, implementing new technologies and improving processes, people may hem and haw, hesitate or postpone the perceived inevitable update or upgrade. They

Supply chain management software claims to save hospitals 12% annually

Many hospitals are overpaying for supplies because of lack of communication about supply contracts. Michael DeLuca and Bob Pavlik noticed the inefficiency when they entered the

Turning the crimson tide of process inefficiency and waste

Ten years ago this May, a group of 13 pharmaceutical and medical device companies convened a kick-off meeting in Princeton, NJ, that concentrated on a critical but daunting array of