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April 6, 2020

Prodigo’s Preparedness Initiatives Support Hospitals as Hospitals Serve Their Patients

Pittsburgh, PA - As health systems battle this unchartered COVID-19 crisis, Prodigo has supported hospitals and clinical staff by simplifying administrative tasks and directing search so users can navigate quickly and easily to approved COVID-19 items, right at the point of requisition. Using the Prodigo Marketplace, requesters can search metadata terms like ‘COVID-19’ or ‘Coronavirus’ to quickly find approved items to address clinical challenges.  

Leading supply chains are managing this crisis by making information available to assure clinical staff that they have the supplies and items needed without the strain of administrative tasks. Prodigo supports over 20% of the nation’s largest health systems and over 50% of the top 15 U.S. News & World Report hospitals which has enabled Prodigo to support Providers with preparedness strategies as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Prodigo’s team implemented a preparedness strategy to support health systems during this time of crisis, ensuring maximum visibility into supply chain activities and agile responses as hospitals maneuvered sourcing challenges. Here are a few examples how Providers are responding to increased demand and scarce supply environments while keeping frontline critical care employees focused on patient care.

Healthcare supply chains are using the Prodigo Marketplace directed search capabilities to improve access to medical supplies, equipment and personal protective equipment [PPE] by efficiently managing product conversions and substitutions to overcome supply shortages. Additionally, health systems are using Prodigo to tailor item formularies and track purchase activity for scarce items to ensure that the right items are being procured from the right source at the right price and readily available for frontline care. Finally, Prodigo’s Provider community is partnering with manufacturers of critical care items to ensure they have access to up to date product availability information and accurate item data such as identifiers, descriptors, images and instructions for use to support product substitution decisions.

By making item data, inventory availability and product alerts easily accessible leading supply chains are responding quickly to variable demand while ensuring PPE and other equipment is being used in a compliant manner. To assist with your product conversions Prodigo is making resources available to source supplies and streamline new item additions to your item master. Click here to download the latest enriched item file containing items being used by health systems to protect workers and support patient care

Prodigo’s clients have been able to keep workers informed on items approved for use in the crisis, quickly redirect spend to new supply channels and streamline sourcing activities to ensure resources are available where they are needed. Should you or your health systems need support during this time or have questions about how we can support you today and in the future, please contact us at or through our website at Our website has various support materials from webinars to educational videos. Our priority is providing useful resources to our health system partners so they can focus on patient care.

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