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May 4, 2018

Prodigo addressing complex needs of the Top US Healthcare Supply Chain

Prodigo Solutions, Inc., a leading technology provider enabling Healthcare Supply Chain transformation, directs buyers to the right item, from the right vendor at the right price. Through its continued Research + Development investment and successful collaboration with a majority of the Top US Healthcare Provider systems [“Providers”], Prodigo delivers a compelling solution to overcome the common supply chain barriers of procurement control, data accuracy, transaction automation and spend visibility.

Today’s challenging Healthcare landscape is forcing Providers to deliver transformational change to their supply chain strategies and operations. They are faced with the difficult realities of aligning inflationary product acquisition costs with declining revenue/reimbursements, standardizing cost, quality and outcomes metrics while also responding to increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

Recent disruptions in the healthcare supply chain landscape have further validated the value of a user-friendly, online, directed buying experience as the gateway to an effective and efficient Procure to Pay [P2P] workflow. By addressing the unique buying needs of Healthcare requesters at the point of service, Prodigo delivers a rich directed buying user experience as well as a seamless interface between the contract source, the GPO, the distributor and the Provider.

Through a recent leadership review with many Top US Healthcare Supply Chain professionals, Prodigo identified the following strategic supply chain value drivers needed to lower the total cost of care:

  • Transparency – give greater visibility across the supply chain from the point of the request to fulfillment and invoice; enforcing compliance of contract terms while also identifying non-compliant activity and recommending corrective action.
  • Standardization – drive more supply chain purchase activity through one single compliant procurement channel; covering the spend footprint for Physician Preference Items [PPI], clinical and non-clinical supplies, purchased services and capital assets.
  • Data Quality – create one source of truth for item, service and price data that ensures accurate data as the foundation of clinical revenue cycle initiatives; eliminating price match exception errors on each transaction line while also enabling point of use scanning, distribution and warehouse replenishment systems.
  • Connectivity – integrate trading partners; implementing shared information networks of data and transactions to build a foundation for supply chain optimization; enabling transactional automation while also ensuring proper alignment between demand and supply.

Prodigo, through its directed buying Marketplace platform, continues to support the evolving needs of leading Healthcare Providers by bringing visibility to a larger footprint of spend in Healthcare supplies and purchased services; as well as, the data management tools needed for increasing the total spend under supply chain management. 

About Prodigo Solutions 

Prodigo Solutions is a healthcare technology company that improves providers’ financial control and reduces supply chain cost. Prodigo Solutions’ technology was purpose-built for healthcare by supply chain experts to deliver tangible results across a continuum of care. Customers who use our systems purchase more than $23 billion annually for the more than 700 hospitals they operate. 

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