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January 1, 2022

Next-generation distribution models must embrace that syncing feeling

Publication by Healthcare Purchasing News

Almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic (and its variant offspring) and people seem even more fed-up and irritated with the supply chain around the most fundamental of issues – primarily not having stuff accessible when they want it and secondarily, paying way more for what is available.

If the supply chain were a pickup truck the public would want to see a gleaming, fresh-off-the-lot, bells-and-whistles-laden luxury model. Instead, they rely on a beat-up old rust bucket, well-worn with six-digit mileage after toiling for years on the farm or work site. Further, these days, more people envision that patinaed work truck on cement blocks minus the tires.

The global supply chain (of which healthcare represents a component) has been something of a powder keg and perceived by the public as the poster child for inefficiency. Deserved? Earned? Debatable, sources told Healthcare Purchasing News.

The pandemic not only has challenged supply chain among hospitals but also the companies that provide products and technology services to those hospitals. See what Prodigo's EVP of Operations, Michael DeLuca, said about the topic in this Healthcare Purchasing News article.

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