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January 12, 2022

McLeod Health Deploys Prodigo Solutions’ Marketplace & Data Hub in the Cloud

Pittsburgh, PAProdigo Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that McLeod Health has gone live with Prodigo’s Marketplace and Data Hub platforms. Based in South Carolina, McLeod Health is a locally owned, not-for-profit healthcare system, comprised of seven hospitals with a net patient revenue over $1 billion.

McLeod recently chose Prodigo’s Marketplace and Data Hub platforms to replace its legacy supply chain technologies and to enhance its ERP migration strategy. Marketplace and Data Hub integrates with cloud-based ERP technologies to provide a Virtual Item Master as a single source of truth for item and price data, which can then be shared across the entire supply chain. This deployment went live with over 700 end-users across all the health system’s locations integrated to McLeod’s new Oracle Cloud Suite ERP.

Highlights from the first day of the go live include:

  • About 610,000 active items in Marketplace item formularies
  • Almost 100 filter groups
  • More than 2,000 basic searches
  • Nearly $1M in spend through Marketplace on day 1

“The implementation leverages Data Hub’s data preprocessing, item enrichment, and Autonomous Data Extraction capabilities,” said Prodigo’s Director, Client Services, Matthew Behr. “McLeod sends Prodigo its Item Masters twice daily which are enriched with predetermined item attributes. The enriched items are then loaded into Marketplace’s Virtual Item Master. And finally, the enriched Item Masters files, with Oracle compatible column header labels, are dropped in an FTP directory for Oracle to consume.”

Prodigo’s Data Gateway – a component of Data Hub – can export item and price updates to a client’s ERP Item Master on a predetermined schedule to ensure the ERP Item Master, which feeds downstream EHR/EMR systems, contains the most up-to-date and accurate item and price data.

Behr added, “With the transition to Prodigo, McLeod is now able to centralize data management and ordering processes while also providing an improved experience for its users.”

About Prodigo Solutions’ Client Services Department

All Prodigo projects are deployed by its Client Services team. The Client Services Department is a highly skilled team of Program Managers and Systems Analysts who work with customer supply chain teams to design, implement, and support best of breed supply chain practices and technologies. The Department takes pride in satisfied customers. Throughout the design and implementation process, the team delivers a wealth of experience and perspectives on best practices deployed across Prodigo’s community of leading health systems to ensure that every customer succeeds in their pursuit of supply chain transformation.

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Prodigo Solutions is a healthcare technology company that improves providers’ financial control and reduces supply chain cost. Prodigo Solutions’ technology was purpose-built for healthcare by supply chain experts to deliver tangible results across a continuum of care. Customers who use our systems purchase more than $23 billion annually for the more than 700 hospitals they operate. 

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