Managing supply chain crises calls for elementary equation | Prodigo Solutions
September 22, 2022

Managing supply chain crises calls for elementary equation

Published by Healthcare Purchasing News 

Since early 2020, the healthcare supply chain seemed to recoil from the just-in-time (JIT), modified stockless and stockless distribution methods that defined advanced, forward-thinking operations until they were tested by global supply chain challenges ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From there, providers and suppliers alike shifted into pandemic (some say “panic”) mode, scrambling to source and deliver product amid mounting backorders, delays and shortages, overordering and overstocking to protect themselves. 

By mid-2022, sensing – if not hoping for – an end to the pandemic and accepting COVID-19 as more endemic as influenza, the industry yearned to pivot to some kind of recovery mode, translating lessons learned to reshape how to handle future crises. 

Arguably, the building blocks of any supply chain, regardless of industry, centers on three elements of an equation: People, processes and technology. Supply chain experts among providers, suppliers and technology companies offer mixed and varying perspectives on how to order the equation. 

Read which building block Prodigo’s VP, Data Analytics, Marketing, & Product Strategy, Marlin Doner, prioritized in this Healthcare Purchasing News article.

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