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February 2, 2022

Highlights from Prodigo’s 2021 releases

As we moved through 2021 and the pressures on healthcare systems and supply chains began to stabilize, the industry’s focus shifted to the post-pandemic state of healthcare supply chain management. Throughout the year, Prodigo was heavily focused on further enhancing and developing its suite of supply chain management technology and data services that direct healthcare providers to purchase the right item, from the right vendor, at the right price, in real time. Continue reading to learn what features and functionality Prodigo has developed throughout 2021 that its clients are now taking advantage of.


FedRAMP Certified

Prodigo Solutions’ Suite of Applications has gone through FedRAMP authorization and has met the requirements to be FedRAMP compliant.

Workday Certified

As a Workday Access software partner, Prodigo has also achieved Workday Certified Integration status.

Data Center Scans

Prodigo’s data center is scanned quarterly for any vulnerabilities or security issues.

Application Scans

Prodigo’s Suite of Applications goes through a weekly vulnerability and security scan utilizing Tenable; the same security scanning software used by FedRAMP data centers to identify security risks.


Prodigo’s Suite of Applications offers clients multiple options for passwords that allow the client to implement strong password policies within Prodigo’s applications.

Inactivate user accounts automatically

Prodigo has implemented an optional process to inactivate IC User accounts based on account inactivity for a configurable number of days.

SSOi (SAML 2.0) Integration

Prodigo’s Suite of Applications may be integrated using SSOi into a client’s infrastructure. This integration utilizes a client’s IDP to authenticate end-users seamlessly so once a user has been authenticated to their internal network, they may access the Prodigo application without providing login credentials. This allows admins and clients who utilize the portal to be automatically authenticated. When SAML is used when an employee is no longer employed with the client, they automatically lose access to the portal when the client removes their SSOi access internally.


Prodigo’s Marketplace and Navigator products contain a 100% redesign and latest software engineering paradigms. The redesign provides scaffolding for delineated layers and interoperability while maintaining

gated control between framework layers and business logic to provide absolute empowerment to the

application developer.

Content Management

Data Enrichment

Automated Data Enrichment from Prodigo’s Global Repository is now available. Data Enrichment is a service enabling content that is collected and stored within Prodigo’s Global Catalog to be disseminated to client environments as part of an automated, routine process.

Data Gateway

Prodigo is pleased to announce a new approach to exporting client data leveraging Prodigo’s Data Gateway.  Through automated extraction, clients can extend the reach of their Virtual Item Master by integrating item and price data to the ERP or other 3rd party clinical systems.

Prodigo’s Data Gateway enables client-defined extracts by supporting:

  • Data extraction for Marketplace and Navigator applications
  • Full file or differential extracts on a periodic, scheduled basis, like daily or monthly
  • Defined destinations, like a client FTP or specific email address
  • Transformation of outbound data where, for example, a certain value is required for ingestion downstream
  • Specified column structure, with define column headings, or file format

Recall Alerts

Prodigo has transitioned to the National Recall Alert Center (NRAC) as its primary source for sharing recall alerts to end-users.

Maximize Savings

There is now a stronger integration between Prodigo’s Navigator and Marketplace platforms, enabling items to be injected into Marketplace from an authorized contract; further directing end users to right item, right source, at the right price. Pushing purchasable, contracted items to the front of the procurement process and exposing them in Marketplace, in tandem with tag weighting, guarantees end users are directed to the preferred items at the approved, accurate contract price; reducing downstream efforts by preventing match exceptions.

Smart Search

Smart Search is a patented technology that deterministically searches a user’s formulary of approved content to return and prioritize results based on the context of entered search terms. In analyzing search terms across Marketplace’s existing client and end-user base, roughly 80% of the search terms entered reflect Item Part Numbers. If Smart Search is enabled, based on the pattern of the entered search term the system will interpret that the user intends to locate a specific Part Number and will only return items that reflect the value searched; eliminating extraneous results requiring the user to have to sift through.

Product Enhancements

Marketplace & Navigator

To further improve user experience and admin versatility, numerous additional enhancements have been made to features and functionalities in the Marketplace and Navigator platforms.

More Information

Contact Prodigo Solutions at www.prodigosolutions.com for the full details on its latest releases and learn how Prodigo is currently improving supply chain operations and efficiency at many of the most notable and progressive healthcare and research organizations in the country.

Current Prodigo clients can access all release notes from their Community Portal library.

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Prodigo is committed to ensuring that product offerings evolve based on the voice of clients. It is important to understand, however, that some features highlighted within this release may not be available based on the specific implementation.

Should clients have questions on the ability to upgrade or add enhancements, they should reach out to their Account Manager who will be able to discuss the available options.

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