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July 1, 2017

Healthcare Supply Chain Technology Has Finally Come of Age

By Michael DeLuca - EVP of Operations
By Michael DeLuca - EVP of Operations

Publication by Healthcare Tech Outlook

For all the outdated processes and inefficiencies we hear about in healthcare, there is an increasing number of bright spots; new solutions or ways of doing things that make you wonder: why didn’t we think of (or do) this sooner? One of those bright spots is a fairly recent development in supply chain management technology. The same Amazon-like, advanced e-procurement technology that has been enjoyed in the retail sector for years is now being tailored and applied to healthcare purchasing. As these best practices are put to work in healthcare, new supply chain management solutions are emerging that offer clinicians and staff a more user-friendly shopping experience when searching for medical supplies, yielding efficiencies and more precise contract compliance management, enabling health systems to save millions of dollars. While it may seem like a no-brainer, in order to truly appreciate how significant these developments are, you have to understand the complex challenges within the existing infrastructure that these new solutions had to address.

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Prodigo Solutions is a healthcare technology company that improves providers’ financial control and reduces supply chain cost. Prodigo Solutions’ technology was purpose-built for healthcare by supply chain experts to deliver tangible results across a continuum of care. Customers who use our systems purchase more than $23 billion annually for the more than 700 hospitals they operate. 

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