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November 2, 2020

Fact or Fiction: The “Cloud” Will Solve All Your Supply Chain Challenges

“Cloud Technology”… is this the new buzzword? Are cloud solutions promising currently unattainable solutions, with little risk? Healthcare today is embarking on the cloud solutions journey to solve the nuances of supply chain. As healthcare has been advancing and unforeseen circumstances, like COVID-19, have occurred, health systems are strained in such a way that the weaknesses from manufacturer to patient become exposed. Between sourcing issues, recalls, new advancements, pandemics, and patient care requirement changes, the market is reminded that a strong supply chain is the spine of an organization and it must remain responsive to respond.  

But the question is… will “cloud” solve all my supply chain problems? Will this new modem of technology maximize my connectivity and better my functionality, to deliver on the promise of agility, resilience, flexibility and more? 

This article addresses the nuances of healthcare supply chain, what specific value framework must be implemented for digital transformation to be performed, and how hospitals can make this sustainable while remaining compliant. While the goal of a cloud technology is appealing, it is the implementation which will determine the success of such an intense modernization. 

So, we ask… Is it fact or fiction?

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