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June 1, 2022

Achieving data-driven supply chain transformation

Publication by HealthCare Business News

As healthcare embraces cost, quality, and outcomes as drivers of success, the potential for digital technology is easy to appreciate. When data and analytics are driving decision-making, that can bring a higher level of efficiency to every aspect of care, from interpreting radiological exams to scheduling patients to optimizing the supply chain. 

It's that last component, the supply chain, that HealthCare Business News discussed with Marlin Doner, Vice President of Data Analytics and Product Strategy at Prodigo Solutions, in the article “Achieving data-driven supply chain transformation.” 

In the article, Doner discusses how COVID-19 has affected hospital supply chain leaders, how major IDNs are currently responding to industry shifts, key benchmarks that supply chain leaders should be mindful of in their responses, who should have a seat at the table when evaluating supply challenges, how the supply chain will be different in the years to come, and other topics. 

Read what Doner had to say about transitions in the industry in the HealthCare Business News article.

Click here to read the full article. 

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