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January 29, 2022

A proven EDI solution for healthcare supply chain… there is another option

By Doug Keverline - Senior Sales Engineer
By Doug Keverline - Senior Sales Engineer

One seamless connection to all your supply chain trading partners

Prodigo’s Xchange EDI network is a full-service, peer-to-peer electronic transaction messaging network designed to help trading partners rapidly exchange electronic transactions at a lower cost per transaction. Prodigo helps organizations increase supplier participation in their EDI initiatives. For many of your supply chain trading partners EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) is not their core business. Prodigo fills the technical gap between your back-office environment and each trading partners’ preferred connection method. The Xchange automates supply chain transactions (850 PO, 855 Acknowledgement, 856 ASN, 810 Invoice, 867 Sales Reports) between trading partners of varying technical capabilities (EDI, XML, flat file, Supplier Portal Flip functionality), thereby eliminating the need for paper documents and associated manual processing.

Through Prodigo’s Xchange, health systems have enhanced visibility and decision support tools to maximize supply chain efficiency, through-put, and performance of trading partners. As a result, Xchange has become a central building block for numerous supply chain modernization and transformation strategies.

Enhanced transaction efficiency

When was the last time you considered your EDI partner for procurement? Many health systems have maintained the same EDI vendor relationship for a long time; experiencing stagnant supplier adoption with eroding service levels. But there is an EDI solution that can offer greater supplier participation and better service levels: Prodigo’s Xchange platform.

  • Transaction Control. Xchange enables trading partners to rapidly exchange electronic transactions.
  • Supplier Connectivity. Xchange automates supply chain transactions between trading partners of varying technical capabilities offering options to connect through existing EDI VAN providers, a direct peer-to-peer connection or Prodigo’s self-service Supplier Portal.
  • Visibility. Xchange helps you leverage decision support tools to monitor supply chain efficiency, through-put, as well as, vendor adoption and performance.

Prodigo provides health systems with total transparency and control over their EDI initiatives. So, what sets Prodigo’s Xchange apart from other EDI tools?

  • Your data is your data. We don’t sell or ‘share’ your data with suppliers and manufacturers; respecting the security and privacy of your data.
  • Private trading networks. All Prodigo EDI environments are built on an exclusive customer private cloud that connects to all major Value Added Network (VAN) providers; increasing service level, allowing for trading partner customizations, while also mitigating the risk of system-wide outages.
  • No cost for suppliers. There are no fees for suppliers to connect to Prodigo or to do business across the Prodigo network; increasing supplier participation.
  • Included Supplier Portal. Our Supplier Portal is included, so there is no additional cost to onboard non-EDI partners; helping you to achieve broad coverage across suppliers of all sizes and technical capability.
  • Subscription-based pricing. Xchange subscriptions are standard annual or monthly costs. There is no additional cost ‘per PO’ or charge per facility.
  • Customer service. Prodigo’s clients receive excellent customer service, including a single point of contact for supplier onboarding, a dedicated Prodigo EDI support team to ensure timely response and staff training, and 24/7 on-call support.
  • Hands-free implementations. Prodigo manages all supplier onboarding and testing efforts and will connect any trading partner – specific to each client.
  • Seamless ERP integrations. Xchange leverages native EDI x12.4010 transactions and can be connected to various ERP systems such as IBM Advanced AS/400, Infor Lawson, iOS Envy, MediTech, Workplace, Microix, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Workday.
  • Paperless, automated transactions. Over 98% of connections on Prodigo’s Xchange transact 850 (PO), 855 (PO acknowledgement), and 810 (invoice) documents. Other transaction types include (856 (advance ship notice), 832 (product catalog), and 867 (product transfer/resale file). Supported protocols include Amazon cXML, cXML, EDI ANSI X12 v4010, PeopleSoft Flat Files (v9.0 and v9.2), PeopleSoft XML, Microix cXML, Oracle OAG XML, and Workplace cXML.

Proof is in the results

Prodigo has been servicing the healthcare industry for 14 years and our solutions continue to evolve to support many of the most recognized health systems in the country. Many of our clients trust Prodigo to modernize and scale their EDI initiatives; demonstrating proven results that:

  • Provides more than a 50% improvement in cost reduction to process a PO
  • Has over 650 healthcare trading partners connected to the Network, with over 99% transacting 810s (invoices)
  • Manages more than 1M purchase lines per month
  • Brokers nearly 5M transactions processed annually
  • And has close to $5B in annual spend under management through the Network

Delivering the best outcomes from the supply chain

Prodigo has a do it right the first-time approach to creating perfect orders and core to Prodigo’s success is its cloud-based suite of solutions that drive supply chain standardization, contract utilization, and price compliance from the front-end of the Procure-to-Pay process. Xchange is one component of Prodigo’s industry leading suite of applications that drive down supply chain costs and reduce the risks from clinical variation. By giving health systems the control needed to shape purchasing decisions, Prodigo delivers the Perfect Order with the right item, from the right source, at the right price, in real time.

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