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HIUG Interact Virtual 2021

Date: June 14-16, 2021
Location: Virtual

HIUG Interact Conference is an annual user-driven conference of Oracle application Healthcare users. The virtual conference comprises 600+ attendees, 20+ partners, and 150+ educational sessions/clinics. Meet experts and innovators from the healthcare industry communities during this three-day conference dedicated to education and networking.


Join us on June 16 at 3:00pm EDT for Prodigo & IU Health: How Cloud-Based Technology Can Solve Your Supply Chain Challenges...


“Cloud Technology”…is this the fast-approaching future or are there challenges that still need to be solved? Tara Stone Gill, Core Lead SCM, ERP Program at Indiana University Health and Prodigo's lead Program Manager on the deployment will continue the discussion from Prodigo's webinar, "Maximizing the value of your Cloud-ERP investment,” and tackle tough questions about the health system’s Go-Live with Oracle Cloud integrated with Prodigo's Marketplace solution.


This session will take a deep dive into the deployment project and cover migrating to a Cloud platform and what you need to know during a deployment. Tara will share IU Health’s experience around project planning and deployment with Oracle Cloud and Prodigo's Marketplace. Tara will further expand on how IU Health was able to deliver ‘perfect orders’ through item standardization, contract utilization, and order compliance, while minimizing the change management impact on users and maintaining a consistent user experience.


Healthcare providers will learn how they can dynamically control the item formularies, enrich their virtual items master, and easily manage data while directing requesters to preferred items and sources for each of their buying decisions.


These supply chain leaders will walk through IU Health's decision to be a first mover in the Cloud-migration space and the impacts of a technology partnership. Get a head start by listening to Part 1 of the discussion -- Maximizing the value of your Cloud-ERP investment; an Oracle/Prodigo story from IU Health


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