automates electronic supply chain transactions between providers and suppliers using private exchanges

Automate B2B commerce transactions with your trading partners through EDI and other electronic protocols [XML, cXML]; integrate the transaction flow directly with your ERP system. ProdigoXchange enforces transaction compliance with the contract price while scoring overall Vendor performance across the PO to Invoice lifecycle. Additionally, this tool helps your teams see where the problems are, as they occur, so that they can efficiently take appropriate corrective action; eliminating costly manual processes in your supply chain and finance groups. The bottom line is a lower cost per transaction and greater visibility into supply chain performance.

You work hard to negotiate the best contracts.  ProdigoXchange safeguards your purchasing data between you and your suppliers; protecting your valuable data assets.


  • Take Action - Recieve daily action items through exception reports. Automatically delivered - no login required.
  • Visibility - Real-time, detailed visibility throughout the transaction lifecycle
  • Analytics - Robust analytics keep you informed of key order and invoice trends
  • Automated - System-generated alerts and escalations improve your POA and invoice turn-around time
  • Connections - Prodigo manages the connections to a comprehensive list of healthcare trading partners
  • IT-Lite - Utilizes your preferred protocols to translate supplier messages
  • Flexibility - Facilitates full participation from low-tech (non-EDI capable) suppliers


  1. Includes a robust Activity Dashboard with managerial analytics, drill down, and disposition workflow
  2. Supports transmission via FTP, sFTP, AS2, web services, and all EDI document types
  3. PO and Invoice Scorecards highlight all transaction activity such as backorders, exceptions, and substitutions; as well as vendor KPIs with monthly transaction volumes
  4. Supports translation between document protocols, i.e. EDI, XML, cXML, xCBL, ebXML, flat file, fixed length data file for 850-PO, 855-POA, 810-INV
  5. Receiving component provides receipt of goods with the ability to upload verification documents as well as expiration dates and lot/serial numbers
  6. Robust Mapping tool for storing and referencing company and vendor IDs on outbound EDI
  7. Real-time exception alerts notify you if a transaction is delayed or a delivery fails
  8. Established interconnectivity to 27 major VAN providers and hundreds of suppliers