Healthcare Procurement Has Never Been More Challenging

Your organization sources advantageous contracts with your manufacturers and distributors directly and through your GPO, but generating contract compliance across hundreds or thousands of requestors, multiple inventory locations, changing contract terms, GPO and PPI complications, purchased service complexity, and frustrated requestors combine to form a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned procurement professional.

This is Where Prodigo Will Help

Prodigo’s solutions were designed specifically to address these healthcare-specific complexities without the need to ‘rip & replace’ portions of your ERP system(s). Imagine a world where:

  • Your pricing and item updates feed the proper requestor formularies
  • Contract numbers are added to the items being requested
  • Inventory and non-stock items can be requested from the same platform but still feed the proper systems for order creation
  • Special/ad-hoc request volume is reduced by active searching for catalog items
  • Item images and other enriched data automatically enhance your content to improve the shopping process and minimize returns
  • Product recalls and alerts were identified before the purchase
  • Substitute item and backorder information is assigned to relevant items
  • You can share custom messages with your requestors at the item level as they search
  • Authorized purchase orders and invoices are shared with vendors electronically in a private network
  • Requestor satisfaction and feedback is drastically improved
  • Virtually no requestor training is required
  • Most ERP systems have already partnered with Prodigo to ensure compatibility

Give Us a Look, and We Think You'll Agree

These are a just a few of the reasons why many of the nation’s leading healthcare procurement organizations trust Prodigo, and why you may want to consider us too.