When it comes to supply chain projects, they often take a back-seat to clinical projects. Supply chain technology providers frequently offer solutions that force replacement of ERP/MMIS modules, and thus are complicated to integrate, and even more difficult to upgrade. The combination of unavailable resources and increased risk is untenable.

This is Where Prodigo Will Help

Prodigo understands this dilemma and has architected our solutions to provide tremendous value without the resource demand and integration risk inherent in other solutions. To ensure success, we’ve partnered and successfully integrated with the predominate ERP systems in healthcare.

In fact, our IT integrations:

  • Often take less than a month to complete
  • Leverage your desired protocols
  • Eliminate the need to buy hardware or software
  • Are managed by our own staff to ensure success

Give Us a Look, and We Think You'll Agree

Our solutions were designed with integration simplicity in mind, and we can provide numerous references to prove it.