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Solutions for the Public Sector that direct users to the right item, from the right vendor, at the right price.

While the solutions are the same for the commercial market, Prodigo’s unique customizations can meet the needs of every government agency. With Prodigo’s experience in the public sector (press release) along with long-term success in commercial health systems’ transformation, Prodigo is well positioned to help government agencies move from reactive to modern, proactive supply chain management.


Healthcare, both public and commercial, faces challenges that directly and indirectly affect patient care. Technology solutions that offer the best support are solutions that identify specific challenges and offer customized solutions. Some current industry pain points are:


Data quality and management in agencies is siloed in legacy systems, which poses difficulties when connecting to the digital ecosystem, and in modernizing a supply chain

Government agencies with multiple branches can lack transparency, which causes the inability to be actionable

Systems are often unaware of activity beyond the first tier, leading to unknown inventory threats and lack of visibility between contracting offices

Systems struggle to standardize contracts or share contracts across budgetary boundaries, resulting in duplicative contracts for the same items across the same suppliers and manufactures, often with disparate pricing


Agencies pay many different prices for the same item or service, which typically causes increased spend across many different commodities

Varying prices may also prevent government agencies from paying the best price based on its vast economies of scale

Government agencies have some of the largest spend in many areas, but based on their contracting, acquisition practices and policies, rarely achieve best in market pricing based on their total spend

Minimizing spend leakage and controlling spend may be viewed as easier than increasing the same amount of patient revenue, but agencies may not always have the means to do so


Public sector supply chain is under increasing pressure to become more user friendly, responsive and efficient

Most of the public sector systems used to store and manage data within an agency are outdated, poorly maintained and insufficiently funded, leading to a loss in the value of data

As systems become increasingly populated with inadequate records, data control and SSoT decreases, making harmonizing, cleansing and enriching data difficult, time consuming and costly

Most government agencies lack the resources and tools needed to address the quality of data and fail to satisfy the demand for improved efficiency and connectivity required for digital transformation


Prodigo has overcome industry challenges for healthcare providers, like the Veterans Affairs, by carefully evaluating hurdles within the industry and providing swift solutions. Prodigo’s Product Suite solves challenges by bringing the necessary value-added benefits to make an integrated supply chain. Some benefits are:


Monitoring performance to improve system transparency and helping track activity across all levels to better prepare for disruptions and enhance connections between the supply chain and clinical teams

Presenting information at the point of acquisition, improving decision making and minimizing match exceptions that delay product delivery and supplier payments, streamlining the supply chain and ultimately improving patient care

Accurate and complete product identification minimizes the risk of the wrong item being introduced in the patient care event


Providing the public sector with a one-stop-shop solution for the acquisition of all contracted clinical and non-clinical commodities and services

Delivering fast and configurable search capabilities designed to drive savings and efficiency in supporting the financial and strategic goals of every government agency

Improved data quality brings more spend under management; delivering more savings

Leveraging the power of community intelligence to transform the supply chain and reduce the total cost of care


Shifts the power and control to the supply chain so it can manage the content and drive cost savings by directing users' search

Improve data integration and data quality to help remove friction in the supply chain, which helps to connect departments and modernize old and new system

A modern supply chain powered by consistent, high quality data driving informed decisions and technology that enables greater operational efficiency

Provides users with a 508 compliant solution with a simple browser interfacing, easing search and simplifying processes

Success Stories: Partnered with Liberty IT Solutions, and working with Atlas Research as part of a Veterans Affairs T4NG Task Order

Prodigo & Liberty IT Solutions

Modernize Veterans Affairs supply chain by providing facilities access to all contracted product information in one location in a timely, cost effective manner

Ensure data integrity by assigning unique item identifiers and cleansing/continually enriching product information to reduce data errors, ensure consistent standardized product information across the enterprise, and keep data up to date

Read more about about Prodigo joining the Liberty IT Solutions Team here

VA Supply Chain Master Catalog

Serve as the Single Source of Truth for all for product information on Veterans Affairs contracts (including local, regional, and national contracts)

Ensure data integrity by assigning unique item identifiers and cleansing/continually enriching product information to reduce data errors, ensure consistent standardized product information across the enterprise, and keep data up to date

Read more about Prodigo's Data Services and the Veterans Affairs Supply Chain Master Catalog here

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