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Prodigo's shared-service Affiliate Program is designed to deliver supply chain cost savings by providing healthcare supply chain practitioners with the tools needed to manage all item and price data, improve supply chain user experience, and accurately direct requestors. Prodigo’s solutions improve patient safety by delivering accurate data to the point of service so caregivers can document patient care and the supply chain can ensure that all products in the chain of custody are approved for use.

How the Program Works

As a single, compliant purchasing channel, Prodigo delivers a directed buying environment that eliminates unauthorized spend, creating preferred purchasing behavior by forcing the utilization of existing contracts. Users spend less time on supply chain activities while supply chain managers have the control they need to influence preferred purchasing decisions. With Prodigo's supply chain solutions, you get transparency. Through Prodigo’s Affiliate Program, you are empowered to reduce the total cost of care while also improving patient safety. The major components that make Prodigo’s solutions so success include:


Decentralized networks of buyers and purchasing channels, including acute and non-acute locations, ancillary sites, affiliate programs, and partners into one single purchasing channel across all entities within the organization.


A fully integrated data management platform with all contracted content, managed vendor punch-out integration and automated vendor catalog self-management; with formularies to define specific filtered groups and access levels that make sense for them.


Each member’s data with healthcare-specific content enrichment from the largest aggregated content set of medical device and item data [GTIN, GS1 attributes, UDI identifiers and production data points, UNSPSC classification, HCPCS coding, supporting documents]; as well as image syndication with a focus on high-resolution, rich, interactive imagery.


Through a single, compliant purchasing channel with supply chain-controlled content across all categories of spend [clinical and non-clinical commodities, purchased services, capital items].


Search results with a weighted search engine that ranks results according to supply chain’s strategic goals and business rules; standardizing the supply chain practice and leveraging intelligent search algorithms to direct users to preferred choices that align with supply chain cost-saving initiatives.


Through one purchasing channel with a user friendly and intuitive interface that guides users through the entire process for all goods, services, and equipment they need to purchase.


With robust analytics dashboard with prescriptive reporting and spend analysis, by identifying non-compliant behavior and enabling corrective actions while enforcing contract commitments to optimize price tier performance.

The Power of Working Together

Our shared-member model enables all organizations to achieve the benefits of unity while remaining independent. Our Affiliate Program offers advantages that make it a desirable arrangement for all affiliate members. When you can successfully think and act as a group, the power is in your hands! These benefits include:

  • Lower cost of entry
  • Single requisition channel for all member purchasing activity; giving supply chain control and visibility of organizational spend
  • All GPO contracts managed in the system; improving GPO contract compliance to increase savings, admin fee returns, and rebates
  • Members can load and manage their own local contracts; reducing item master administration and employee stress
  • Standardize products and suppliers; improving cost savings through formulary management
  • Member-specific login credentials and filtered content
  • Separate integrations with each member’s ERP

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