Burnout among clinicians is an increasing concern for healthcare organizations across the country. Leaders are searching for ways to address the crisis as growing evidence shows a burned-out workforce leads to higher turnover. Pressure to purchase PPI items versus what supply chain may prefer can be a stresser, particularly when the systems used to purchase those items make the task miserable.

This is Where Prodigo Will Help

Prodigo’s solutions help to alleviate those problems. On average, our customers realize a 30% reduction in time creating requisitions. Factors that contribute to this time savings include:

  • Item attribute enrichment, such as the addition of item image(s) and long descriptions
  • Long /robust descriptions
  • Product numbers
  • Ability to scan package barcodes help to ensure that the right item is being purchased
  • Industry-leading search algorithms
  • Detailed formulary management capabilities
  • Dynamic favorite item(s) retention
  • Substitute item links
  • Backorder and recall notifications
  • Cart sharing with peers
And these are just a few...

Give Us a Look, and We Think You'll Agree

These features and others combine to make the shopping experience the most comprehensive in the industry. Ease of use is the most common comment we receive from clinicians, and it’s been a focus of our solutions since their inception.